• My Works

  • Corporate Films

    • BULBUL BABOOL KA (Market Launch film Of Babool Tooth Powder)
    • MIRRORS (Video Magazine on Beauty Treatment)
    • TESTS ON BUILDING MATERIALS (Documentary For Defense: SEMT Wing)
    • FENGEL (Market Launch Film for Pure Health Products.
    • A Rural film For Van Publicity Client: Mahafed Agency: R.T.V.C.
    • BALSARA Rural Film
    • FREE INDIA CONCEPTS (Corporate a/v)
  • My Works
    Documentary Films

    Documentary Films

    • MSRDC – Flyovers in Maharashtra
    • Watershed projects in Maharashtra by Fr. Bacher
    • SAIBABA SEVA DHAM (Documentary for BBC)
    • Lead story… 10 minutes story for BHOOMI on DD National
    • Team Building… 10 minute docudrama for FJEI.
    • Naad.. a film for PHONAK international hearing aid equipments
    • Aasha ki Pahal (AVERT SOCIETY)
  • Commercial Films

    • TATA RALLIES - 2 Films
    • GULF OILS - 4 Films
    • CERA WALL TILES - 2 Films
    • LLOYDS FINANCE - 3 Films
    • KLIK CAMERAS - 6 Films
    • KUBAL ACHAR - 3 Films
    • RASNA (ORANGE) - 2 Films
    • JAIN THIBAK  - 1 Film
    • SAKAL PAPERS LTD. - 5 Films
    • P.S.M. for B.W.C. “PASHU BALI”
    • CAN WE LEARN FROM OUR CHILDHOOD? PSA on Communal Harmony.
    • JAIN IRRIGATION -4 films
  • T.V Serials

    • Katha (Serial based on short stories on Doordarshan)
    • MTV Groove in (M.TV)
    • AATA BOLA (150 episode talk show on E TV)
    • Rishtey {saahil} (Anti drugs day special for Zee T.V.)
    • Nayak (99 episode serial for children on Alpha T.V.)
    • Kadachit … Telefilm (Alpha T.V.)
    • Shambhar Nambari… New Year show (Alpha T.V.)
    • Mrigjal  (Tara)
    • Rishtey {Moongfalli} (Zee T.V.)
    • Alpha Features (10 Minutes anchor show Alpha T.V.)
    • SHRAVANSAREE (Serial based on short stories on Alpha T.V.)
    • Babbi-Dibbi (1 hour telefilm for children's wing Etv)
    • Samvedan  (1 hour telefilm for children's wing Etv)
    • Sainik ho tumachyasathi… (1 hour show for alpha marathi)
    • Ovi … a children's serial on Hungama TV.
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    Shradhdanand Road,
    Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400 057

    Mobile: 9892500336
    E-mail: info@rishideshpande.com

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  • As Director: JINKI RE JINKI

    Film Festivals :

    • The Golden elephant international Film Festival
    • The Kolkata International film Festival
    • The Asian Film Festival, Pune.
    • The 18th Cairo International Film Festival for Children
    • 22nd Iran International Film Festival
    • Thrissur International Film Festival
    • Children's film festival Toronto
    • Children's film Festival, Bengaluru
    • Honorable mention at The Accolades Film Competition
    • Best Actor Award for the Protagonist in THE ASIAN PANORAMA of The Golden elephant international Film Festival

    Jinki Re Jinki has been selected by UNESCO, Asia Pacific. Unesco is creating a Teacher Training Kit around the film for the Asia Pacific region.

    Currently working on a Bi-lingual film BABA AAKASHAAT AAHE ! (Marathi) & GINN LIYA AASMAN... (Hindi)

  • Rishi Deshpande

    As Director: BABA AAKASHAAT AAHE !

    In a world where we are all too intelligent and aware that life throws reality in our faces every now and again, Ninad was told a simple statement when he was four years old… "Daddy is in the sky Ninad".

    A statement that was the answer to a four year old's most significant question about his father.

    We all smile in photographs, don't we? And photographs were Ninad's only introduction to his "Baba". Hence he concluded that his "Baba" was a man who lived in the sky… and always smiled.

    It has been two years hence, and Ninad, now six, has concocted a world that belongs to his father. A world where "Baba" is in charge of many duties in the sky- He brings us the monsoon, and also decides the shape of the moon. He inflates clouds like we do to balloons at birthday parties. He has an office there, and he has many responsibilities… but above all, one underlying fact of this concocted world, is that "Baba" is going to come to see Ninad and spend time with him as soon as he gets vacation… A thought, so beautiful and yet so dangerous to dwell in the mind of a six year old.

    Malti's life could have been so different. She hadn't asked life for too much ever. But what she had never imagined was what life would have to offer. A man, who looked so dignified, so endearing in his Naval pilot's uniform, always late for whatever she needed him for and yet always capable of making her anger disappear in seconds. A man she so loved, so yearned to be held by… was the man she married. Prasad was her husband, and no matter how long he took, no matter how much he made her wait, Prasad always came back to her with a smile. Why wasn't he returning now? Why would he make Malti wait like that for over two years? How was she supposed to cope with this wait?

    Malti was the wife of Naval pilot Prasad Karamarkar, who had gone missing from a crashed aircraft over two years ago. Malti Karmarkar was Ninad's mother.

    A woman who lives in anticipation of her husband's return for over two years, is a woman in love… or a woman in denial? Malti didn't know the answer to this question but she just lived with the belief that Prasad would come back. Each time it seemed like the belief was sinking, little Ninad would land up doing or saying something that made her rekindle the belief and both mother and son would thoroughly live the thought… "Baba Akaashat Aahe!"

    Ninad's grandparents had coaxed and finally convinced Malti that she should take up the job offer from an N.G.O. in Mumbai. That was best, they thought, for her life, as for Ninad's education. It would also be more convenient to check with the Naval headquarters about Prasad's search after all. With residual dreams of a present and a marked uncertainty of the future, Malti and Ninad came to the city of Mumbai.

    Ninad's timid eyes confronted a huge school building, a new environment, a big school bus, but did he have enough in his heart to be able to convince his new friends about his "Baba". Would they believe that his father was the man who brought them rain showers and that every rainbow in the sky was actually a 'gift' that God gave his father for a shower well dropped? Malti's circumspect heart faced a new work atmosphere. She had a lump in her throat with every step that she took in this big city, all alone, without Prasad. Is this what 'coming to terms' meant? Was she even willing to come to terms?

    As days passed, Malti was confronted with many convoluted thoughts that came from this city, some as friends, some as the strange possibility of another man in her life, she stumbled every now & again but stood up.

    While Ninad was accepted and loved by his colony and school friends, some had begun believing and others ridiculing his "Baba". ''Nobody lives in the sky… you jerk! Your mother must be lying.'' was something he hadn't heard before. Was he to believe that his father was dead and that he was never going to see him? Questions had begun engulfing his curious mind as days became weeks. Were they just better off with their beliefs in their small town?

    Was this man who always helped his mother out these days and whom she called her friend, supposed to be his new 'Baba'?

    Why had the Navy called on Malti to return her husband's belongings? Was she to assume him dead now? Was it guilty on her part to look for compassion elsewhere?

    Ninad, in sheer exasperation and innocence had decided to take matters into his own hands. Those friends that believed him, stood up in support of Ninad.

    He found an unlikely partner in the septuagenarian Mr. Sukhtankar in his colony, a drunkard who had lost his son and wife few years back. Mr. Sukhtankar, an astronomy enthusiast, in a few drunk encounters, had introduced Ninad to the world of stars, through his telescope and his books on astronomy. This is where Ninad saw the picture of a spaceship, for the first time ever.

    Meanwhile, his grandparents tried to convince Ninad's mother to remarry for both her and her son's sake. A friend she had made in office was a breath of fresh air in her life and had already extended his hand.

    Ninad finally decided to build a spaceship with the help of his friends and Mr. Sukhtankar's books- A space ship that he wanted to fly in to bring back his "Baba". On the sly, what is it that the children were dangerously planning, in their innocence.

    On the eve of Malti's birthday, Ninad wanted to gift her, his "Baba" back again!

    The desperation of a six year old to prove the world wrong and make them believe that his father will return from the sky was scheduled to bring about a tragic incident or was it?

    BABA AAKASHAAT AAHE ! is about the void in your consciousness left by the loss of someone dear, and of building bridges to transcend it. It is a meditation on loss and coming to terms with it, with a child's perspective framing all others - a perspective that holds the power to transform everyone around.

    Kharach… Ninad che Baba aakashaat aahet!

    Hindi Title: Ginn Liya Aasmaan…

    Story : Ketan Karande

    Screenplay : Ketan Karande- Mudassar Aziz

    Director : Rishi Deshpande.

    DOP : Asim Bose.

    Editor : Sanjeeb Datta.

    Music : Vidyadhar Bhave.

    Cast : Dhruv Tikhe, Raveena Tandon, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Usha Nadkarni & others.

    Registered with writer's association and Marathi chitrapat nirmata mahamandal.

  • Artivist

    Film has the capacity to educate, inform, entertain and potentially impact upon the way we perceive complex social phenomenon.

    We, in India are expecting a better tomorrow; to achieve that we need to be a better society first, and we need to create a better generation next.

    Children are the key. How much are we doing for this key future resource? How much importance do we give to children's needs, demands, and rights? Yes, we do give them importance in our advertising; we do give them importance as per our convenience. Do we aim at making a good human being out of our children rather than a successful child? Or in other words are we good human beings or just successful? What kind of role models do they have? What do they get to see everyday in the newspaper, on the TV, in films?

    Are we catering to these needs? Are we focusing genuinely on "THEIR" problems / issues? These problems might sound tiny/ unimportant or sometimes not even sound like "problems" to US. But for them they are very important. And we need to give it a thought. We have to at least let them voice their issues.

    I have decided to do so through media. May it be in the form of a feature film, an animation strip, a song or a poem recital or a drawing?

    I have taken the other way, instead of creating an organisation & then start working, I have started my work. I have made my first feature film "JINKI RE JINKI" based on a book "PRAKASHACHYA UMBARATHYAVAR" by Shri Bhau Gawande. It is about a "TEACHER & STUDENT" relationship. And J-R-J has been invited to many international film festivals & has been well appreciated.


    • The Asian Film Festival
    • The Cairo International Film Festival
    • The Kolkata International Film Festival
    • The Golden Elephant International Film Festival
    • The Suchithra Film Festival
    • Children's Film Festival
    • 22nd International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults (Hamedan City, Iran)
    • Thrissur International Film Festival
    • Children's India Film Festival – 2008 at Toronto

    JINKI RE JINKI has been appreciated by Ms. MINJA YANG, Head, Asia Pacific, UNESCO. UNESCO is developing a Teacher Training Kit around J-R-J. Artivist is a non-profit organization of like-minded people who have come together towards the common cause - to take on issues related to children (1-14 years).

    The next film we are working on is "Ufaan .. the surge.." based on a common man's fight for rights and awakening society .

    Let's meet and discuss in details.

    Rishi Deshpande.

  • Aadyot

    While I was busy making corporate films & ad-films, some sort of incomplete feeling kept creeping into my mind. Which lead me to get into fictional work. I started with “Ek Rang Lamhe Hazaar” & “Raja Rani Aur Joker” both Film based shows (again not totally fiction) for Sony TV. Then I did a serial Based on different short stories from Marathi Literature name was “KATHA”.

    While doing “Katha”, I realized there was very little done for children in India & started working on children shows may it be a 150 episode talk show “AATA BOLA” (Speak up) on ETV which dealt with various problems, topics of interest, likes-dislikes of today’s children ranging from 6 years to 14 years.

    Then was “Nayak” (The Hero) on Zee TV Marathi. It was a story of simple child who has an older brother & younger sister, who neither tops in studies nor in sports but is a good human being. His insecurity, his happy moments of life & his relationship with parents & kin, I tried my level best to portray his point of view towards life without making the rest of characters being black. It went up to 99 episodes.

    Saahil (Friend / companion) was a short film made for Zee TV Hindi, telecast on anti drugs day. It was a story of a 14 year boy from upper middle class & a 9 year old street child, meeting at a drug rehabilitation centre. How they help each other come out of drugs.

    Kadachit (May be), it was again a short film of 90 minutes where we had played with possibilities. A plain simple girl meets boy story with 5 different ends as we explored possibilities of both the characters’ reactions to the given situation. It was telecast on Zee Marathi.

    Mrigjal (Mirage), telecast on Tara Marathi, was a story of simple family living with values, & getting destructed because of commercialization. What should be our parameter for happiness? What should be the definition of happiness? Will we always keep chasing dreams, which are elusive? Will we always equate glamour, money with inner peace? Can, what we perceive as ideal always be ideal? Or will the outer gloss turn out to be a mirage?

    Moongfalli (Ground nuts), was a telefilm for Zee TV Hindi again. Based on platonic love between a 8 year old child & 22 year old girl who is about to get married.

    Babbi-Dibbi- A telefilm portraying friendship doesn’t have any bounds. It was about a rag picker & girl from a well to do family, both of the same age 8 years, having totally different kind of background but still sharing a good relationship. Made for E TV Children’s cell was telecast on entire ETV network after dubbing it in different languages.

    Samvedan (vulnerability) was about a child and his dearest mother. His wrong feelings & realization of the affection his mother has towards him. It was a very simple story with a little humour. Made for E TV Children’s cell was telecast on entire ETV network after dubbing it in different languages.

    Shalya (wound/ hurt) was universal story of a family wanting to have a boy child & in the bargain making the wife give birth to 5 girls & the sixth time she cracks a deal with the nurse at the hospital to get a baby boy in exchange of her own daughter. Mother lives with a scar on her mind till the end. It was telecast on Zee TV Marathi.

    Ovi was a serial made for Hungama TV, based on “Tottochan” & comparing conventional education system to child friendly education. The stress however was more on child’s grooming as a human being.

  • Profile

    Rishi has faith in all the good things in life and also, that the positive energy of the good runs the universe. Hence, he too, has met only good people in life who helped him become a better human being. One of his favorite songs from his college days, "It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice" best describes him. He draws great inspiration from nature in his art.

    Rishi loves and understands simplicity. He is invariably inclined towards picking up seemingly uncomplicated ideas and yet bringing out the underlying profundity in such subjects through his works, be it theater, television or cinema. Beating around the bush is not in his nature, so an easy and straight storytelling with realism is what he believes in. Although this straightforward, "in your face" kind of behavior makes him come across as rather rude and arrogant, it actually works wonders with his narratives, leaving tremendous scope for emotions in his story. An extremely sensitive person himself, he likes to deal with relationship based subjects, especially about children.

    But why children? While successfully working in various mediums like theater, advertising and television, Rishi understood the dire need of bringing up topics related to children and their issues. His own early lessons in acting had happened when he was a child and he felt an innate urge to do something for children. Realizing that this was a largely neglected area he started working in that direction. Yet again his simplicity and sensitivity came handy while dealing with children and their problems. While working with Rishi kids throw off all their inhibitions and open up to him. According to him, children are the most natural and working with them helps you rediscover many things you have forgotten in the process.

    Starting off with talk shows and weekly serials about children's issues for television, Rishi has recently worked with kids as small as 4 year olds in his upcoming bilingual feature film. Further he wishes to deal with many more untouched subjects about and for children. On one hand while he was lost in the world of children, documentaries pacified his inherent desire for a personal growth and contentment. Although an introvert by nature, he gives importance to self expression rather than mere entertainment or commercial salability. All of these qualities probably make him a misfit in the glamour world, but he is very much around, telling his stories and also making them a success in his own unique way.